Aims and Scope

It is the policy of the Journal to encourage the application of theoretical advances to real problems and data. Results should represent a significant rather than incremental advance, and should be verified appropriately according to the topic. Experimental results are strongly encouraged. There should be an up to date literature review, and meaningful comparisons with previous work to demonstrate any proposed advance.

We encourage the submission of a multimedia appendix with each paper. This on-line appendix is an adjunct to the print version of the paper, and may contain video, images, data, and programs.

Submissions must represent original work, whose copyright is not already owned elsewhere; please check the publisher's Copyright Agreement for papers. Publication of conference papers which have been substantially rewritten and augmented to be suitable for journal publication is encouraged. In case of significant duplication of the conference paper, it is the authors' responsibility to ask for permission to republish from the copyright holder. In case of multimedia submissions, please check the Transfer of Copyright for Multimedia Submissions.

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