Volume 19 Issue 01 - Publications Date: 1 January 2000
Editorial 3
J.M. Hollerbach
Argos: A Novel 3-DoF Parallel Wrist Mechanism 5
P. Vischer and R. Clavel Abstract
MAC versus PC: Determinism and Randomness as Complementary Approaches to Robotic Exploration of Continuous Unknown Domains 12
I.A. Wagner; M. Lindenbau and A.M. Bruckstein Abstract
A Fast New Algorithm for a Robot Neurocontroller Using Inverse QR Decomposition 32
A.S. Morris and S. Khemaissia Abstract
Dynamics Simulation and Controller Interfacing for Legged Robots 42
J.A. Reichler and F. Delcomyn Abstract
Using the Time Petri Net Formalism for Specification, Validation, and Code Generation in Robot-Control Applications 59
L. Montano; F. José García, and J.L. Villarroel Abstract
Book Review 77
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