Volume 19 Issue 02 - Publications Date: 1 February 2000
Sensor-Based Exploration: Incremental Construction of the Hierarchical Generalized Voronoi Graph
H. Choset, S. Walker Carnegie Mellon University , K. Eiamsa-Ard Carnegie Mellon University and J. Burdick California Institute of Technology
This paper prescribes an incremental procedure to construct roadmaps of unknown environments. Recall that a roadmap is a geometric structure that a robot uses to plan a path between two points in an environment. If the robot knows the roadmap, then it knows the environment. Likewise, if the robot constructs the roadmap, then it has effectively explored the environment. This paper focuses on the hierarchical generalized Voronoi graph (HGVG), detailed in the companion paper in this issue. The incremental construction procedure of the HGVG requires only local distance sensor measurements, and therefore the method can be used as a basis for sensor-based planning algorithms. Simulations and experiments using a mobile robot with ultrasonic sensors verify this approach.
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