Volume 19 Issue 05 - Publications Date: 1 May 2000
Resonance-Induced Failure of Entrapment: Application to Industrial Parts Feeding
J. Krishnasamy Brooks Automation Inc., Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA and M.J. Jakiela Department of Mechanical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Parts feeders are devices used in automated assembly lines to present component parts to the assembly machinery in a consistent and predetermined orientation. The process of converting a randomly oriented set of parts (as obtained from a vendor) into an ordered array is called parts feeding. There are many different types of feeders and feeding techniques used in the industry. This paper deals with a particular feeding process referred to here as vibratory entrapment. It describes a particular cause of failure of vibratory entrapment, namely, resonance. Failure due to resonance was first observed in high-speed video images of the entrapment phenomenon. This paper provides a description of the mechanics of failure of entrapment due to resonance. The mechanics is introduced with the simple example of a Ping-Pong ball in a cup and extended to real parts in a parts feeder. Conditions for resonance are derived and experimentally verified for a simple part shape and vibration pattern.
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