Volume 19 Issue 06 - Publications Date: 1 June 2000
A Catastrophe Theory Model of Planar Orientation 531
M.W. Wright University of Edinburgh and G.E. Deacon University of Surrey Abstract
A Trotting Horse Model 566
H.M. Herr Massachusetts Institute of Technology and T.A. McMahon Harvard University Abstract
Fully Decentralized Estimation and Control for a Modular Wheeled Mobile Robot 582
A.G.O. Mutambara Massachusetts Institute of Technology and H.F. Durrant-Whyte The University of Sydney Abstract
Safe Task Planning Integrating Uncertainties and Local Maps Federations 597
A. Lambert and N. Le Fort-Pait Abstract
Objective and Frame-Invariant Kinematic Metric Functions for Rigid Bodies 612
Q. Lin California Institute of Technology and J.W. Burdick Abstract
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