Volume 19 Issue 07 - Publications Date: 1 July 2000
Tactile Sensing: The Cinderella Technology of Industrial Robotics?
M.H. Lee Centre for Intelligent Systems, Department of Computer Science, University of Wales
Over the last three decades, tactile sensing has developed into a sophisticated technology. There has been a longstanding and widely held expectation that tactile sensors would have a major impact on industrial robotics and automation. However, this promise has not been realized and few, if any, tactile sensors can be found in factory-based applications. Is this technology still in a prolonged infancy or has it become the Cinderella of sensing? This research note revisits the original predictions, examines the implications of recent reviews of the state of the art, and shows how the field has changed direction. The author suggests the most likely application areas and associated developments to be expected in the future.
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