Volume 19 Issue 08 - Publications Date: 1 August 2000
Nonlinear PID Control with Partial State Knowledge: Damping without Derivatives 715
B. Armstrong and B.A. Wade Abstract
Coordinated Motion Planning for a Mobile Manipulator Considering Stability and Manipulation 732
Q. Huang, K. Tanie and S. Sugano Abstract
On Ballistic Walking Locomotion of a Quadruped 743
A. Formal'sky, C. Chevallereau and B. Perrin Abstract
A Survey of Global Configuration-Space Mapping Techniques for a Single Robot in a Static Environment 762
K.D. Wise and A. Bowyer Abstract
Eigenfrequencies Invariance Property in One-Link Robotic Arm 780
M. Rouff and M. Cotsaftis Abstract
A Set of Geometric Invariants for Kinematic Analysis of 6R Manipulators 784
F. Hongguang Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications Academia Sinica, Y. Lu and Z. Jingzhong Abstract
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