Volume 19 Issue 11 - Publications Date: 1 November 2000
Editorial: Special Issue on Field and Service Robotics 972
J. Bares, H. Choset and A. Zelinsky  
Probabilistic Algorithms and the Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot Minerva 972
N. Roy, S. Thrun, J. Schulte, M. Beetz , D. Schulz, M Bennewitz, W. Burgard, A.B. Cremers, F. Dellaert, D Fox, D. Hähnel and C. Rosenberg Abstract
Fine-Scale Three-Dimensional Mapping of a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Site Using the Jason ROV System 1000
D.R. Yoerger, D.S. Kelley and J.R. Delaney Abstract
Technology and Field Demonstration of Robotic Search for Antartic Meteorites 1015
D.S. Apostolopoulos, M.D. Wagner, B.N. Shamah, L. Pedersen, K. Shillcutt and W.L. Whittaker Abstract
PIRAT-A System for Quantitative Sewer Pipe Assessment 1033
R. Kirkham, P.D. Kearney, K.J. Rogers and J. Mashford Abstract
Context-Aware Shared Control of a Robot Mobility Aid for the Elderly Blind 1054
G. Lacey and S. MacNamara Abstract
Development and Control of a Holonomic Mobile Robot for Mobile Manipulation Tasks 1066
R. Holmberg and O. Khatib Abstract
Imaging Ladar for 3-D Surveying and CAD Modeling of Real-World Environments 1075
D. Langer, M. Mettenleiter, F. Härtl and C. Fröhlich Abstract
A Low-Cost, Redundant Inertial Measurement Unit for Unmanned Air Vehicles 1089
S. Sukkarieh, P. Gibbens, B. Grocholsky, K. Willis and H.F. Durrant-Whyte Abstract
Mobile Robot Localization from Large-Scale Appearance Mosaics 1104
A. Kelly Abstract
Variable Constraint Mechanism and Its Application for Design of Mobile Robots 1126
S. Hirose Abstract
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