Volume 19 Issue 11 - Publications Date: 1 November 2000
Imaging Ladar for 3-D Surveying and CAD Modeling of Real-World Environments
D. Langer, M. Mettenleiter, F. Härtl and C. Fröhlich
To establish mobile robot operations and to realize survey and inspection tasks, robust and precise measurements of the geometry of the 3-D environment is a required basic sensor technology. For visual inspection, surface classification, and documentation purposes, however, additional information concerning reflectance of measured objects is necessary. High-speed acquisition of both geometric and visual information is achieved by the described active ladar, developed by Zoller and Fröhlich (Z+F). In contrast to other range-sensing devices, the Z+F system is designed for high-speed and high-performance operation in real indoor and outdoor environments, emitting a minimum of near-infrared laser energy. It integrates a single-point laser measurement system and a mechanical deflection system for 3-D environmental measurements. Experimental results are reported from surface inspections in tunnels, the generation of 3-D CAD models of a work cell in an automotive manufacturing plant, the modeling of free-form surfaces such as historic sculptures, and applications in mobile robot navigation.
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