Volume 19 Issue 12 - Publications Date: 1 December 2000
Experimental Validation of Contact Dynamics Simulation of Constrained Robotic Tasks
J. Van Vliet University of British Columbia, I. Sharf University of Victoria and O. Ma McDonald Detwiler Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd
Dynamics simulation plays a key role in the design, verification, and operation planning of space manipulator systems because of the difficulties of ground-based physical tests with large flexible robotic systems. Modeling of contact dynamics has increasingly become an essential step in dynamics simulation of space station robotic operations (such as the assembly and maintenance of the station). This role requires the modeling tool to have very high fidelity. This paper describes a research project aimed at experimentally validating a general contact dynamics simulation software developed by McDonald Detwiler Space & Advanced Robotics Ltd. (previously Spar Aerospace Ltd). The experimental tests were carried out in the robotics laboratory at the University of Victoria. The validation results demonstrated that the software is capable of predicting realistic contact behavior.
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