Volume 19 Issue 12 - Publications Date: 1 December 2000
A Nested-Loop Architecture for Mobile Robot Navigation
V.M. Santos Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, J.P. Castro and M.I. Ribeiro Instituto Superior Ténico
This paper describes a navigation architecture for mobile robots, structured as a set of nested control loops whose depth is related to their knowledge of the environment and the ability to drive the actuator, and involving as well competing behaviors that will ultimately generate the robot motion. The architecture has been successfully used on a mobile platform to support 3-D environment reconstruction tasks. The architecture may be classified as belonging to the hybrid type but made up of hybrid elements as well, allowing virtually any level of input awareness and ranging from high-level task planning to direct motion commands issued by external user or applications. A monitorized data path ensures the construction of the most adequate and safe motion, as well as an unlimited set of behaviors depending on the already known and perceived environment. Added concepts of path recovering and assisted navigation fulfill the demands for the 3-D acquisition scheme involved. Some comparison with existing architectures is carried out throughout the text. The versatility and robustness of the architecture are supported by extensive results.
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