Volume 20 Issue 02 - Publications Date: 1 February 2001
Survey of Robotic Applications for Odor-Sensing Technology
R.A. Russell Intelligent Robotics Research Centre
This paper presents a review of the current status of chemical sensing as a sensory modality for mobile robots. Of the numerous techniques that are available for detecting chemicals, only a few have so far proved suitable for robotics applications. These are described and evaluated. To infer useful information from readings of chemical concentration, attention must be paid to the control and/or measurement of airflow close to the sensor. Experiments that incorporate aspects of airflow control and/or measurement are outlined. The information about chemical concentration is then used to control the motion of a robot. There follows a description of the reactive, often biologically inspired, control algorithms that have been used for this purpose. In conclusion, the present state of development of robotic chemical sensing is assessed.
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