Volume 20 Issue 03 - Publications Date: 1 March 2001
Editorial to Announce Introduction of Multimedia 187
P. Corke, A. Rizzi and S. Singh  
Planning Paths for Elastic Objects under Manipulation Constraints 188
F. Lamiraux Rice University and L.E. Kavraki Abstract
Immobilization-Based Control of Spider-Like Robots in Tunnel Environments 209
A. Shapiro, E. Rimon Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel and S. Shoval J and S College, Ariel, Israel Abstract
Robot Hand-Eye Calibration Using Structure-from-Motion 228
N. Andreff Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée, BP 265, 63175 Aubiére Cedex, France, R. Horaud and B. Espiau Abstract
Impulsive Motion Planning for Positioning and Orienting a Polygonal Part 249
I. Han Hong-Ik University and S-U. Park Abstract
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