Volume 20 Issue 03 - Publications Date: 1 March 2001
Impulsive Motion Planning for Positioning and Orienting a Polygonal Part
I. Han Hong-Ik University and S-U. Park
In this paper, the authors analyze the dynamic behavior of a rigid polygonal part struck on a horizontal surface under the action of friction and discuss how to propel the part to a desired configuration through the impulsive operation. In the dynamic analysis of the impulsive operation, the part motion is typically analyzed in two phases, impact motion and sliding motion. These phases are usually analyzed in reverse order of occurrence. The authors characterize the impact and sliding dynamics with friction for polygonal parts and develop an approach to compute the inverse dynamic solution for motion planning of the impulsive operation. Finally, the authors verify the effectiveness of the simulation results and the developed motion plans through comparison with experimental results using a high-speed video camera.
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