Volume 20 Issue 04 - Publications Date: 1 April 2001
Road Detection and Vehicle Tracking by Vision for Adaptive Cruise Control
R. Aufrère Université Blaise-Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand, F. Marmoiton, R. Chapuis, F. Collange and J.P. Dérutin
This article deals first with a process designed to detect the circulation lane of a vehicle by onboard monocular vision. This detection process is based on a recursive updating of a statistical model of the lane obtained by a training phase. Once the lane has been located, a reconstruction algorithm computes the vehicle location on its lane and the three-dimensional shape of the road. Thereafter, the authors seek to detect, locate, and track front vehicles equipped with specific visual markers in order to achieve an accurate determination of their location and speed. By combining these various data, the most dangerous obstacle can be identified. Each of these three processes is described in detail, and significant examples are provided.
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