Volume 20 Issue 07 - Publication Date: 1 July 2001
Automatic Generation of High-Level Contact State Space
J. Xiao and X. Ji University of North Carolina at Charlotte
A divide-and-merge approach is introduced for automatic generation of high-level, discrete contact state space, represented as contact state graphs, between two contacting polyhedral solids from their geometric models. Based on the fact that a contact state graph is the union of the subgraphs called a goal-contact relaxation (GCR) graph, the approach consists of algorithms (1) to generate a complete GCR graph automatically given the most constrained contact state in the GCR graph and (2) to merge GCR graphs automatically. The algorithms are implemented for cases in which the most constrained contact state in a GCR graph consists of up to three principal contacts. The ability to capture and represent contact state information effectively and efficiently is essential for robotic operations involving compliant motion, for simulation of contact motions, and for haptic interactions.
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Sample input file to GCR-gen
Sample output of GCR-gen
Display of the sample GCR graph
Example of the merged result of two GCR graphs
GCR-gen and GCR-merge programs
Show-GCR program
Animation of the example in Figure 8
Animations of the Star example
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