Quantitative evaluation of matching methods and validity measures for stereo vision
Multimedia extension #9: Source code for matching measures
Most of our research was carried out in the Matlab environment so all of the main code modules are written as MEX-files. This gives the speed of native C and the power of the Matlab environment for display and analysis.
Each of the following Matlab callable modules exists as a C source file which should be compiled using the mex (or cmex) utility in your Matlab distribution. Documentation for each module is given in the associated .M file. Place the compiled MEX files and the .m files in a directory which on your Matlab path. Type help MODULE to get the help info.
MODULE Description
CENSUS Census based disparity
RANK_TX Rank transform, use in conjunction with SAD, to get rank-based disparity
NCC NCC based disparity
SAD SAD based disparity
SSD SSD based disparity
ZNCC ZNCC based disparity
ZSAD ZSAD based disparity
ZSSD ZSSD based disparity
LEFT_RIGHT left-right consistency checking
All modules have numerous options to control left-right checking, disparity range etc.
The Matlab M-file find_isolated_matches can be used to determine isolated (anomolous) matches in a disparity image.
A Unix command line utility, match, is a wrapper around the above routines. Use the Makefile to build this. There is a man page.
To access the code
The code is made available subject to the following conditions:
Copyright in this software is owned by CSIRO.  CSIRO grants permission to
any individual or institution to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
software, provided that:

(a)     this copyright and permission notice appears in its entirety in or
on (as the case may be) all copies of the software and supporting

(b)     the authors of papers that describe software systems using this
software package acknowledge such use by citing the paper as follows: 

    "Quantitative Evaluation of Matching Methods and Validity Measures for
    Stereo Vision" by J. Banks and P. Corke, Int. J. Robotics Research,
    Vol 20(7), 2001; and

(c)     users of this software acknowledge and agree that:

  (i) CSIRO makes no representations about the suitability of this software
  for any purpose;

  (ii) that the software is provided "as is" without express or implied
  warranty; and
  (iii) users of this software use the software entirely at their own risk.
Download the code: I agree to the conditions above.
To build the code
Just run the Makefile in the directory and it will build all the MEX files and the command line utility. This has been tested on Solaris and SGI platforms, for Windows it may require some tweaking.

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