Distributed Manipulation using Disctrete Actuator Arrays
J.E. Luntz University of Michigan
W. Messner and H. Choset Carnegie Mellon University
Multimedia extension #5: Other open-loop manipulation videos
• transport.mpg (4.7MB): A 2x6 array where the two cells in the leftmost column push right and the other cells push left transports an object to a stable position. Notice that the equilibrium position is precise and the object behaves as a damped harmonic oscillator, supporting the viscous friction model.
• squeeze.mpg (4.7MB): A 2x6 array where the upper row of 6 cells pushes down and the lower row of 6 cells pushes up, forming a discrete squeeze field orients an object. Notice that the object's equilibrium orientation varies slightly each time the object is perturbed. This coincides with the fact that the net moment on the object is not a direct function of it's orientation.
• squeezetrans.mpg (5.4MB): A 2x6 array with a linear combination of the squeeze and transport fields brings an object to a stable position and orientation. Notice that in one case, the object reaches a stable orientation 90 degrees away from the row-aligned orientation. This occurs because in this pose, the object only covers the last four cells and cannot differentiate between zero and ninety degrees.

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