On Automatic Generation of High-level Contact State Space
J. Xiao and X. Ji University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Multimedia extension #5: GCR-gen and GCR-merge programs
This package contains the following:
Directory Description
GCR_gen C source files and the executable for generating GCR graphs
GCR_merge C source files and the executable for merging GCR graphs
include *.h files used by GCR-gen and GCR-merge
On SUN OS/Solaris, the executables can directly run. On PC or on other UNIX platforms, need to re-compile.
How to compile
Go to the source directory, run the Makefile ("make"). It will compile, link all source code files, and create the corresponding executable (gcr3d for GCR-gen and mergegcr3d for GCR-merge).
How to run (at a command line)
• gcr3d {input-file}
where {input-file} is an input text file (e.g., here in Extension #1). Output is a binary file with the extension .gcr that contains the GCR graph.
• mergegcr3d {gcr-file 1}.gcr {gcr-file 2}.gcr ... {gcr-file n}.gcr
The output is also a .gcr
To access the code
The code is made available subject to the following conditions:

Copyright in this software is owned by the authors. Permission is granted to
any individual or institution to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
software, provided that:

(a)     this copyright and permission notice appears in its entirety in or
on (as the case may be) all copies of the software and supporting

(b)     authors of papers that describe software systems using this
software package acknowledge such use by citing this paper as follows: 

    "On Automatic Generation of High-level Contact State Space"
    by J. Xiao and X. Ji, Int. J. Robotics Research,
    Vol 20(7), 2001; and

(c)     users of this software acknowledge and agree that:

  (i) the software is provided "as is" without express or implied
  warranty; and
  (ii) that use of this software is entirely at their own risk.
Download the code: I agree to the conditions above.

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