On Automatic Generation of High-level Contact State Space
J. Xiao and X. Ji University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Multimedia extension #6: Show-GCR program
This package contains the executable codes of the program Show-GCR for both Sun OS/Solaris and PC systems. Show-GCR was written by David W. Johnston for displaying a GCR graph (in a .gcr file).
On Sun OS/Solaris: the executable is showgcr, which requires the OpenGL routines and (also contained in the package). To run it at a command line:
showgcr {file-name}.gcr
On PC: the executable is wingcr, which requires GLUT32.DLL (also contained in the directory). To run it at a command line:
wingcr {file-name}.gcr
Extension #3 shows how the output of the Show-GCR program looks like. See README in the package for more description on the interface of the program.
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    "On Automatic Generation of High-level Contact State Space"
    by J. Xiao and X. Ji, Int. J. Robotics Research,
    Vol 20(7), 2001; and

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