Volume 20 Issue 09 - Publications Date: 1 September 2001
Optimal Gaits for Dynamic Robotic Locomotion 707
J. Cortés, S. Martínez CSIC, J.P. Ostrowski and K.A. McIsaac University of Pennsylvania Abstract
Algorithms for Computing Numerical Optimal Feedback Motion Strategies 729
S.M. LaValle University of Illinois and P. Konkimalla Iowa State University Abstract
Force Control Command Synthesis for Constrained Hybrid Dynamic Systems with Friction 753
D.J. Austin Australian National University and B.J. McCarragher Abstract
Force Tracking Impedance Control for Robot Manipulators with an Unknown Environment: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment 765
S. Jung Chungnam National University T.C. Hsia and R.G. Bonitz University of California, Davis Abstract
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