Volume 20 Issue 12 - Publications Date: 1 December 2001
Feature Detection for Haptic Exploration with Robotic Fingers 925
A.M. Okamura Johns Hopkins University Press and M.R. Cutkosky Stanford University Abstract
Large Torso Force Feedback Realistically Simulates Slope on Treadmill-Style Locomotion Interfaces 939
J.M. Hollerbach, D. Tristano, W.B. Thompson University of Utah, R. Mills University of Iowa, R.R. Christensen Evans & Sutherland Corp. and Y. Xu Sarcos Research Corporation Abstract
Self-Excited Walking of a Biped Mechanism 953
K. Ono, R. Takahashi Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology and T. Shimada Fujitsu Limited, Kawasaki, Japan Abstract
Design of a Hollow Hexaform Torque Sensor for Robot Joints 967
F. Aghili Canadian Space Agency, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, M. Buehler Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University and J.M. Hollerbach Department of Computer Science, University of Utah Abstract
Suboptimal Multiple Model Filter for Mobile Robot Localization 977
M. Oussalah K.U. of Leuven Abstract
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