Volume 20 Issue 12 - Publications Date: 1 December 2001
Annual Index - Volume 20
Aghili, Farhad, Martin Buehler, and John M. Hollerbach. Design of a hollow haxform torque sensor for robot joints [20:12] pp. 967-976.
Aicardi, Michele, Giorgio Cannata, Giuseppe Casalino, and Giovanni Indiveri. Cusp-free, time-invariant, 3D feedback control law for a nonholonomic floating robot [20:4] pp. 300-311.
Andreff, Nicolas, Radu Horaud, and Bernard Espiau. Robot hand-eye calibration using structure-from-motion [20:3] pp. 228-248.
Aufrère, R., F. Marmoiton, R. Chapuis, F. Collange, and J. P. Dérutin. Road detection and vehicle tracking by vision for adaptive cruise control [20:4] pp. 267-286.
Austin, David J., and Brenan J. McCarragher. Force control command synthesis for constrained hybrid dynamic systems with friction [20:9] pp. 753-764.
Banks, Jasmine, and Peter Corke. Quantitative evaluation of matching methods and validity measures for stereo vision [20:7] pp. 512-532.
Berretty, Robert-Paul, Ken Goldberg, Mark H. Overmars, and A. van der Stappen. Trap design for vibratory bowl feeders [20:11] pp. 891-908.
Biographies of new editorial board members [20:1] pp. 4-5.
Blind, Sebastien J., Christopher C. McCullough, Srinivas Akella, and Jean Ponce. Manipulating parts with an array of pins: A method and a machine [20:10] pp. 808-818.
Canny, John, and Eric Paulos. Optimal probing strategies [20:8] pp. 694-704.
Cherif, Moëz, and Kamal K. Gupta. Global planning for dexterous reorientation of rigid objects: Finger tracking with rolling and sliding [20:1] pp. 57-84.
Chiu, Yu-Jen, and Ming-Hwei Perng. Forward kinematics of a general fully parallel manipulator with auxiliary sensors [20:5] pp. 401-414.
Collins, Steven H., Martijn Wisse, and Andy Ruina. A three-dimensional passive-dynamic walking robot with two legs and knees [20:7] pp. 607-615.
Corke, Peter, Al Rizzi, and Sanjiv Singh. Editorial: Multimedia editors' introduction [20:7] p. 511.
Corke, Peter, Alred Rizzi, and Sanjiv Singh. Editorial to announce introduction of multimedia [20:3] p. 187.
Cortés, Jorge, Sonia Martinéz, James P. Ostrowski, and Kenneth A. McIsaac. Optimal gaits for dynamic robotic locomotion [20:9] pp. 707-728.
Crétual, Armel, and François Chaumette. Application of motion-based visual servoing to target tracking [20:11] pp. 878-890.
Crétual, Armel, and François Chaumette. Visual servoing based on image motion [20:11] pp. 857-877.
English, James D., and Anthony A. Maciejewski. Failure tolerance through active braking: A kinematic approach [20:4] pp. 287-299.
Featherstone, Roy. The acceleration vector of a rigid body [20:11] pp. 841-846.
Feliu, V., A. García, and J. A. Somolinos. Gauge-based tip position control of a new three-degree-of-freedom flexible robot [20:8] pp. 660-675.
Fujita, Masahiro. AIBO: Toward the era of digital creatures [20:10] pp. 781-794.
Galicki, Mirosaw. Real-time trajectory generation for redundant manipulators with path constraints [20:8] pp. 676-693.
Gavrilets, V., E. Frazzoli, B. Mettler, M. Piedmonte, and E. Feron. Aggressive maneuvering of small autonomous helicopters: A human-centered approach [20:10] pp. 795-807.
Han, Inhwan, and Sang-Uk Park. Impulsive motion planning for positioning and orienting a polygonal part [20:3] pp. 249-262.
Hashtrudi-Zaad, Keyvan, and Septimiu E. Salcudean. Analysis of control architectures for teleoperation systems with impedance/admittance master and slave manipulators [20:6] pp. 419-445.
Herr, Hugh M., and Thomas A. McMahon. A galloping horse model [20:1] pp. 26-37. 990
Author Index 991
Hollerbach, John M. Editorial: Welcoming of new members to the Board [20:1] p. 3.
Hollerbach, John M., and Daniel E. Koditschek. Editorial: Special issue on the Ninth International Symposium of Robotics Research [20:10] pp. 779-780.
Hollerbach, John M., Rose Mills, David Tristano, Robert R. Christensen, William B. Thompson, and Yangming Xu. Torso force feedback realistically simulates slope on treadmill-style locomotion interfaces [20:12] pp. 939-952.
Ji, Xuerong, and Jing Xiao. Planning motions compliant to complex contact states [20:6] pp. 446-465.
Jiménez, P., and C. Torras. An orientation-based pruning tool to speed up contact determination between translating polyhedral models [20:6] pp. 466-483.
Jung, Seul, T. C. Hsia, and R. G. Bonitz. Force tracking impedance control for robot manipulators with an unknown environment: Theory, simulation, and experiment [20:9] pp. 765-774.
Kamon, Ishay, Elon Rimon, and Ehud Rivlin. Rangesensor-based navigation in three-dimensional polyhedral environments [20:1] pp. 6-25.
Kim, Whee Kuk, Yong Kyu Byun, and Hyung Suck Cho. Closed-form forward-position solution for a 6-DoF 3-PPSP parallel mechanism and its implementation [20:1] pp. 85-99.
Kong, Xianwen, and Clément M. Gosselin. Uncertainty singularity analysis of parallel manipulators based on the instability analysis of structures [20:11] pp. 847-856.
Lamiraux, Florent, and Lydia E. Kavraki. Planning paths for elastic objects under manipulation constraints [20:3] pp. 188-208.
Lamiraux, Florent, and Lydia E. Kavraki. Positioning of symmetric and nonsymmetric parts using radial and constant fields: Computation of all equilibrium configurations [20:8] pp. 635-659.
LaValle, Steven M., and Prashanth Konkimalla. Algorithms for computing numerical optimal feedback motion strategies [20:9] pp. 729-752.
LaValle, Steven M., and James J. Kuffner, Jr. Randomized kinodynamic planning [20:5] pp. 378-400.
Lloyd, John E., and Vincent Hayward. Singularity-robust trajectory generation [20:1] pp. 38-56.
Luntz, Jonathan E., William Messner, and Howie Choset. Distributed manipulation using discrete actuator arrays [20:7] pp. 553-583.
Malis, Ezio, Guillaume Morel, and François Chaumette. Robot control using disparate multiple sensors [20:5] pp. 364-377.
Meng,Yan, and Hanqi Zhuang. Self-calibration of cameraequipped robot manipulators [20:11] pp. 909-921.
Monsarrat, Bruno, and Clément M. Gosselin. Singularity analysis of a three-leg six-degree-of-freedom parallel platform mechanism based on Grassmann line geometry [20:4] pp. 312-326.
Okamura, Allison M., and Mark R. Cutkosky. Feature detection for haptic exploration with robotic fingers [20:12] pp. 925-938.
Ono, Kyosuke, Ryutaro Takahashi, and Toru Shimada. Self-excited walking of a biped mechanism [20:12] pp. 953-966.
Oussalah, Mourad. Suboptimal multiple model filter for mobile robot localization [20:12] pp. 977-989.
Politis, Z., and P. J. Probert Smith. Classification of textured surfaces for robot navigation using continuous transmission frequency-modulated sonar signatures [20:2] pp. 107-128.
Pratt, Jerry, Chee-Meng Chew, AnnTorres, Peter Dilworth, and Gill Pratt. Virtual model control: An intuitive approach for bipedal locomotion [20:2] pp. 129-143.
Rizzi, Alfred A., Jay Gowdy, and Ralph L. Hollis. Distributed coordination in modular precision assembly systems [20:10] pp. 819-838.
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Russell, R. Andrew. Survey of robotic applications for odor-sensing technology [20:2] pp. 144-162.
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Shapiro, Amir, Elon Rimon, and Shraga Shoval. Immobilization-based control of spider-like robots in tunnel environments [20:3] pp. 209-227.
Thrun, Sebastian. A probabilistic on-line mapping algorithm for teams of mobile robots [20:5] pp. 335-363.
Vincze, M., M. Ayromlou, W. Ponweiser, and M. Zillich. Edge-projected integration of image and model cues for robust model-based object tracking [20:7] pp. 533-552.
Xiao, Jing, and Xuerong Ji. Automatic generation of highlevel contact state space [20:7] pp. 584-606.
Yang, Daniel C. H., and Jason W. Rauchfuss. A new zerodimension robot wrist: Design and accessibility analysis [20:2] pp. 163-174.
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