Volume 21 Issue 02 - Publication Date: 1 February 2002
Identification of the Special Configurations of the Octahedral Manipulator using the Pure Condition
D. M. Downing, A. E. Samuel and K. H. Hunt Robot Kinematics Group, Dept. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering University of Melbourne, 3010 Victoria, Australia
This paper presents a technique, known as the Pure Condition, which has found use in analysing the rigidity of truss-like structures. The analysis is applied to the Stewart Platform where it can be used to identify special configurations. The conditions that produce special configurations in the octahedral manipulator are compared to previously known conditions and the associated geometry is seen to be more revealing with this method than was the case previously. The results lead to a simple and clear method for identifying special configurations in the octahedral manipulator and other specializations of the Stewart Platform.
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