Volume 21 Issue 09 - Publication Date: 1 September 2002
Isotropic Design of Spatial Parallel Manipulators
A. Fattah Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716, USA and A.M. Hasan Ghasemi Department of Mechanical Engineering Isfahan University of Technology Isfahan, Iran
In this paper, we study the isotropic design of two types of spatial parallel manipulators: a three-degrees-of-freedom manipulator and the Stewart-Gough platform. The isotropic conditions for Jacobian matrices, which relate the input joint velocity and output Cartesian velocity, are determined separately using a pure symbolic method. Thereafter, upon determining the isotropic conditions for both manipulators, the variation of the kinematic condition index is studied with respect to the motion of the moving platform to show how far the manipulator is from being isotropic. Finally, the isotropic conditions are obtained numerically for both manipulators.
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