Volume 21 Issue 09 - Publication Date: 1 September 2002
Structure Synthesis of a Class of 4-DoF and 5-DoF Parallel Manipulators with Identical Limb Structures
Yuefa Fang Department of Mechanical Engineering Northern Jiaotong University Beijing, 100044, PR China and Lung-Wen Tsai Department of Mechanical Engineering Bourns College of Engineering University of California Riverside, CA 92521, USA
In this paper, a systematic approach is developed for the structural synthesis of a class of four-degrees-of-freedom (4-DoF) and 5-DoF overconstrained parallel manipulators with identical serial limbs. The theory of screws and reciprocal screws is employed for the analysis of the geometric conditions that must be met by the limbs of such parallel manipulators. Limb structures that can be used for constructing 4-DoF or 5-DoF parallel manipulators are enumerated according to the reciprocity of the twist and wrench systems. The assembly conditions of a parallel manipulator built by using identical C- or F-limbs are discussed. Several 4-DoF and 5-DoF parallel manipulators are sketched as examples.
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