Volume 21 Issue 10 - Publication Date: 1 October 2002
Special issue on International Symposia on Experimental Robotics 2000
Experimental Verification of Open-loop Control for an Underwater Eel-like Robot
Kenneth A. McIsaac Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario Canada N6G 1H1 and James P. Ostrowski General Robotics Automation, Sensing and Perception Laboratory (GRASP), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 19104
In this paper, we describe experimental work using an underwater, biomimetic, eel-like robot to verify a simplified dynamic model and open-loop control routines. We compare experimental results to previous analytically derived, but approximate expressions for proposed gaits for forward/backward swimming, circular swimming, sideways swimming and turning in place. We have developed a five-link, underwater eel-like robot, focusing on modularity, reliability and rapid prototyping, to verify our theoretical predictions. Results from open-loop experiments performed with this robot in an aquatic environment using an off-line vision system for position sensing show good agreement with theory.
Multimedia Key
= Video = Data = Code = Image
Example One: MPEG video of forward swimming. Data are taken during the first 20 seconds. (9.8 MB)
Example Two: Centre of mass position captured from Extension 1.
Example Three: MPEG video of circular swimming. (5.4 MB)
Example Four: Centre of mass position captured from Extension 3.
Example Five: MPEG video of turning in place.(3.2 MB)
Example Six: Orientation data (degrees) captured from Extension 5.
Example Seven: MPEG video of sideways swimming. (3.1 MB)
Example Eight: Centre of mass position captured from Extension 7.
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