Volume 21 Issue 12 - Publications Date: 1 December 2002
Annual Index - Volume 21
Acar, Ercan U., Howie Choset, Alfred A. Rizzi, Prasad N. Atkar, and Douglas Hull. Morse Decompositions for Coverage Tasks [21(4)] pp. 331-344.
Acar, Ercan U., and Howie Choset. Sensor-based Coverage of Unknown Environments: Incremental Construction of Morse Decompositions [21(4)] pp. 345-366.
Agarwal, Pankaj K., Julien Basch, Leonidas J. Guibas, John Hershberger, and Li Zhang. Deformable Free-Space Tilings for Kinetic Collision Detection [21(3)] pp. 179-197.
Andreff, Nicolas, Bernard Espiau, and Radu Horaud. Visual Servoing from Lines [21(8)] pp. 679-699.
Balkcom, Devin J., and Matthew T. Mason. Time Optimal Trajectories for Bounded Velocity Differential Drive Vehicles [21(3)] pp. 199-217.
Balkcom, Devin J., and Jeff Trinkle. Computing Wrench Cones for Planar Rigid Body Contact Tasks [21(12)] pp. 1053-1066.
Bicchi, Antonio, and Alessia Marigo. Dexterous Grippers: Putting Nonholonomy to Work for Fine Manipulation [21(5-6)] pp. 427-442.
Breazeal, Cynthia. Regulation and Entrainment in Human-Robot Interaction [21(10-11)] pp. 883-902.
Brock, Oliver, and Oussama Khatib. Elastic Strips: A Framework for Motion Generation in Human Environments [21(12)] pp. 1031-1052.
Carricato, Marco, and Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli. Singularity- Free Fully-Isotropic Translational Parallel Mechanisms [21(2)] pp. 161-174.
Cham, Jorge G., Sean A. Bailey, Jonathan E. Clark, Robert J. Full, and Mark R. Cutkosky. Fast and Robust: Hexapedal Robots via Shape Deposition Manufacturing [21(10-11)] pp. 869-882.
Chatterjee, A., R. Pratap, C. K. Reddy, and A. Ruina. Persistent Passive Hopping and Juggling is Possible EvenWith Plastic Collisions [21(7)] pp. 621-634.
Choudhury, Prasun, and Kevin M. Lynch. Rolling Manipulation with a Single Control [21(5-6)] pp. 475-487.
Chung, Woojin, and Yoshihiko Nakamura. Design and Control of a Chained Form Manipulator [21(5-6)] pp. 389-408.
De Luca, Alessandro, and Giuseppe Oriolo. Trajectory Planning and Control for Planar Robots with Passive Last Joint [21(5-6)] pp. 575-590.
Donald, Bruce Randall, Kevin Lynch, and Daniella Rus. Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics [21(3)] pp. 177-177.
Downing, D. M., A. E. Samuel, and K. H. Hunt. Identification of the Special Configurations of the Octahedral Manipulator using the Pure Condition [21(2)] pp. 147-159.
Estremera, Joaquin. Free Gaits for Quadruped Robots over Irregular Terrain [21(2)] pp. 115-130.
Fang, Yuefa, and Lung-Wen Tsai. Structure Synthesis of a Class of 4-DoF and 5-DoF Parallel Manipulators with Identical Limb Structures [21(9)] pp. 799-810.
Fattah, A., and A.M. Hasan Ghasemi. Isotropic Design of Spatial Parallel Manipulators [21(9)] pp. 811-824.
Fierro, Rafael, Aveek Das, John Spletzer, Joel Esposito, Vijay Kumar, James P. Ostrowski, George Pappas, Camillo J. Taylor, Yerang Hur, Rajeev Alur, Insup Lee, Greg Grudic and B Southall. A Framework and Architecture for Multi-Robot Coordination [21(10-11)] pp. 977-995.
Garcia, Elena, Pablo Gonzalez de Santos, and Carlos Canudas deWit. Velocity Dependence in the Cyclic Friction Arising with Gears [21(9)] pp. 761-771.
Gonzalez-Banos, Hector H., Jean-Claude Latombe. Navigation Strategies for Exploring Indoor Environments [21(10-11)] pp. 829-848.
Gosselin, Clement M., and Jing Wang. Singularity Loci of a Special Class of Spherical Three-degree-of-freedom Parallel Mechanisms with Revolute Actuators [21(7)] pp. 649-659.
Grotjahn, Martin and Bodo Heimann. Model-based Feedforward Control in Industrial Robotics [21(1)] 45-60.
Hague,T.,B. Southall, and N. D.Tillett. An Autonomous Crop Treatment Robot: Part II. Real Time Implementation [21(1)] pp. 75-85.
Halperin, Dan. Robust Geometric Computing in Motion [21(3)] pp. 219-232.
Harada, Kensuke, Taiga Kawashima, and Makoto Kaneko. Rolling Based Manipulation under Neighborhood Equilibrium [21(5-6)] pp. 463-474.
Harmati, Istvan, Béla Lantos, and Shahram Payandeh. On Fitted Stratified and Semi-Stratified Geometric Manipulation Planning with Fingertip Relocations [21(5-6)] pp. 489-510.
Hsu, David, Robert Kindel, Jean-Claude Latombe, and Stephen Rock. Randomized Kinodynamic Motion Planning with Moving Obstacles [21(3)] pp. 233-255.
Huang, Z., and Q. C. Li. General Methodology for Type Synthesis of Symmetrical Lower-Mobility Parallel Manipulators and Several Novel Manipulators [21(2)] pp. 131-145.
1068 Author Index
Jung, Myung-Jin, and Jong-Hwan Kim. Development of a Fault-tolerant Omnidirectional Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Nonholonomic Constraints [21(5-6)] pp. 527-539.
Kim, Jungyun, F. C. Park, and Yeongil Park. Design, Analysis and Control of a Wheeled Mobile Robot with a Nonholonomic Spherical CVT [21(5-6)] pp. 409-426.
Kiss, Balint, Jean Lévine, and Béla Lantos. On Motion Planning for Robotic Manipulation with Permanent Rolling Contacts [21(5-6)] pp. 443-461.
Klavins, E., and D. E. Koditschek. Phase Regulation of Decentralized Cyclic Robotic Systems [21(3)] pp. 257-275.
Klute, Glenn K., Joseph M. Czerniecki, and Blake Hannaford. Artificial Muscles: Actuators for Biorobotic Systems [21(4)] pp. 295-309.
Kobayashi, Keigo, and Tsuneo Yoshikawa. Controllability of Under-Actuated Planar Manipulators with One Unactuated Joint [21(5-6)] pp. 555-561.
Koh, Sung Key, James P. Ostrowski, and G. K. Ananthasuresh. Control of Micro-Satellite Orientation Using Bounded- Input, Fully-Reversed MEMS Actuators [21(5-6)] pp. 591-605.
Kong, Xian-Wen, and Clément M. Gosselin. Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a Novel Type of 3-CRR 3-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulator [21(9)] pp. 791-798.
Lacroix, Simon, Anthony Mallet, David Bonnafous, Gérard Bauzil, Sara Fleury, Matthieu Herrb, and Raja Chatila. Autonomous Rover Navigation on Unknown Terrains: Functions and Integration [21(10-11)] pp. 917-942.
Lang, Jochen, Dinesh K. Pai, and Robert J. Woodham. Acquisition of Elastic Models for Interactive Simulation [21(8)] pp. 713-734.
Leonard, John J., Richard J. Rikoski, Paul M. Newman, and Michael Bosse. Mapping Partially Observable Features from Multiple Uncertain Vantage Points [21(10-11)] pp. 943-975.
Leven, Peter, and Seth Hutchinson. A Framework for Real-Time Path Planning in Changing Environments [21(12)] pp. 999-1030.
Lynch, Kevin M., Caizhen Liu, Allan Sørensen, Songho Kim, Michael Peshkin, J. Edward Colgate, Tanya Tickel, David Hannon, and Kerry Shiels. Motion Guides for Assisted Manipulation [21(1)] pp. 27-43.
Marchand, Eric, François Chaumette, Fabien Spindler, and Michel Perrier. Controlling an Uninstrumented Manipulator By Visual Servoing [21(7)] pp. 635-641.
Martin, Frederick, and Radu Horaud. Multiple-CameraTracking of Rigid Objects [21(2)] pp. 97-113.
McIsaac, Kenneth A., and James P. Ostrowski. Experimental Verification of Open-loop Control for an Underwater Eel-like Robot [21(10-11)] pp. 849-859.
Moll, Mark, and Michael A. Erdmann. Manipulation of Pose Distributions [21(3)] pp. 277-292.
Mori, Yoshikazu, Eiji Nakano, and Takayuki Takahashi. Mechanism, Control and Design Methodology of the Nonholonomic Quasi-Omnidirectional Vehicle 'ODV9' [21(5-6)] pp. 511-525.
Olsen, Martin M., Jan Swevers, and Walter Verdonck. Maximum Likelihood Identification of a Dynamic Robot Model: Implementation Issues [21(2)] pp. 89-96.
Papdopoulos, Evangelos, Ioannis Poulakakis, and Iakovos Papadimitriou. On Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Nonholonomic Platforms with Manipulators: A Polynomial Approach [21(4)] pp. 367-383.
Poulakakis, Ioannis, and Iakovos Papadimitriou. Editorial: Special Issue on Nonholonomy on Purpose [21(5-6)] pp. 387-388.
Rus, Daniella, and Sanjiv Singh. Editorial: Special Issue. International Symposia on Experimental Robotics 2000 [21(10-11)] pp. 827-827.
Sanchez, Gildardo, and Jean-Claude Latombe. On Delaying Collision Checking in PRM Planning: Application to Multi- Robot Coordination [21(1)] pp. 5-26.
Se, Stephen, David Lowe, and Jim Little. Mobile Robot Localization and Mapping with Uncertainty using Scale-Invariant Visual Landmarks [21(8)] pp. 735-758.
Shen, Jinglai, and N. Harris McClamroch. Translational and Rotational Maneuvers of an Underactuated Space Robot using Prismatic Actuators [21(5-6)] pp. 607-618.
Shiroma, Naoji, Hirohiko Arai, and Kazuo Tanie. Nonholonomic Motion Planning for Coupled Planar Rigid Bodies with Passive Revolute Joints [21(5-6)] pp. 563-574.
Southall, B., T. Hague, J. A. Marchant, and B. F. Buxton. An Autonomous Crop Treatment Robot: Part I. A Kalman Filter Model for Localization and Crop/Weed Classification [21(1)] pp. 61-74.
Sun, Yu, and Bradley J. Nelson. Biological Cell Injection Using an Autonomous MicroRobotic System [21(10-11)] pp. 861-868.
Swevers, Jan, W. Verdonck, B. Naumer, S. Pieters, and E. Biber. An Experimental Robot Load Identification Method for Industrial Application [21(8)] pp. 701-712.
Takubo, Tomohito, Hirohiko Arai, Yasuo Hayashibara and Kazuo Tanie. Human-Robot Cooperative Manipulation Using a Virtual Nonholonomic Constraint [21(5-6)] pp. 541-553.
Tardos, Juan D., José Neira, Paul M. Newman, and John J. Leonard. Robust Mapping and Localization in Indoor Environments Using Sonar Data [21(4)] pp. 311-330.
Trinkle, Jeff, and R. James Milgram. Complete Path Planning for Closed Kinematic Chains with Spherical Joints [21(9)] pp. 773-789.
Yi, Byung-Ju, Heung Yeol Na, Jae Hoon Lee, Yeh-Sun Hong, Sang-Rok Oh, Il Hong Suh, and Whee K. Kim. Design of a Parallel-Type Gripper Mechanism [21(7)] pp. 661-676.
Yoshida, Eiichi, Satoshi Murata, Akiya Kamimura, Kohji Tomita, Haruhisa Kurokawa, and Shigeru Kokaji. A Self- Reconfigurable Modular Robot: Reconfiguration Planning and Experiments [21(10-11)] pp. 903-915.
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