Volume 22 Issue 3 - Publication Date: 1 March 2003
Application of CLAWAR Machines
Manuel Armada, Pablo González de Santos, María A. Jiménez and Manuel Prieto Automatic Control Department, Industrial Automation Institute, CSIC, 28500 La Poveda, Madrid, Spain
In the last two decades in particular, climbing and walking robots have been the subject of important research activity worldwide. However, the practical use of these robots is still limited and only a few are in actual use in live situations. In the general framework of the CLAWAR Thematic Network, several working groups have been established to formulate requirements, to define specifications and to investigate those aspects of climbing and walking robot technology that are more relevant with respect to selected application domains. The aim of this paper is to present an overview of the investigations carried out by the CLAWAR network, and to show various realizations that could offer a good picture of how to rise above the barriers to exploit his innovative class of robotic systems.
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