Volume 22 Issue 7/8 - Publication Date: 1 July - August 2003
Special Issue on the 3rd International Conference on Field and Service Robotics
Three-Dimensional Imaging for a Very Large Excavator
J. Roberts, G. Winstanley and P. Corke CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, PO Box 883, Kenmore, Australia

In this paper we describe the development of a three-dimensional (3D) imaging system for a 3500 tonne mining machine (dragline). Draglines are large walking cranes used for removing the dirt that covers a coal seam. Our group has been developing a dragline swing automation system since 1994. The system so far has been "blind" to its external environment. The work presented in this paper attempts to give the dragline an ability to sense its surroundings. A 3D digital terrain map (DTM) is created from data obtained from a two-dimensional laser scanner while the dragline swings. Experimental data from an operational dragline are presented.

Multimedia Key
= Video = Data = Code = Image
Example One: Raw data for the "bridge" example. Columns represent X,Y and Z, respectively (units are m). (6.2 MB Zip file) or (6.3 MB Sit file)
Example Two: A 3D view of a raw "bridge" data (colour represents height). (49 kb)
Example Three: A 3D view of the processed "bridge" DTM. (32 kb)
Example Four: A VRML 2.0 file of the "bridge" DTM. (9.0 MB)
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