Volume 22 Issue 10/11- Publication Date: 1 October 2003
2½D Visual Servoing with Respect to Planar contours Having Complex and Unknown Shapes
E. Malis INRIA/ICARE Project, Sophia Antipolis, France, G. Chesi Department of Information Engineering, University of Siena, Italy and R. Cipolla Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK

In this paper we present a complete system for segmenting, matching, tracking, and visual servoing with respect to unknown planar contours. Our system can be used with arbitrary contours of any shape and without any prior knowledge of their models. The system is first shown the target view. A selected contour is automatically extracted and its image shape is stored. The robot and object are then moved and the system automatically identifies the target. The matching step is performed together with the estimation of the homography matrix between the two views of the contour. Then, a 2½D visual servoing technique is used to reposition the end-effector of a robot at the reference position relative to the planar contour. The system has been successfully tested on several contours with very complex shapes such as leaves, keys, and coastal outlines of islands. Experiments using a ship mock-up without any artificial marker proves that the system can be applied to the ship-building industry.

Multimedia Key
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Example One: Tracking of a contour robust to occlusion. (0.9MB)
Example Two: Visual servoing using ad unknown smooth contour. (2.4MB)
Example Three: Visual servoing using a contour on the ship mock-up. (3.2MB)
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