Volume 23 Issue 7/8- Publication Date: 1 July-August 2004
Manipulation Planning with Probabilistic Roadmaps
T. Siméon, J.-P. Laumond, J. Cortés, and A. Sahbani LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

This paper deals with motion planning for robots manipulating movable objects among obstacles. We propose a general manipulation planning approach capable of addressing continuous sets for modeling both the possible grasps and the stable placements of the movable object, rather than discrete sets generally assumed by the previous approaches. The proposed algorithm relies on a topological property that characterizes the existence of solutions in the subspace of configurations where the robot grasps the object placed at a stable position. It allows us to devise a manipulation planner that captures in a probabilistic roadmap the connectivity of sub-dimensional manifolds of the composite configuration space. Experiments conducted with the planner in simulated environments demonstrate its efficacy to solve complex manipulation problems.

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