Volume 24 Issue 12 - Publication Date: 1 December 2005
Design, Modeling, Control, and Evaluation of a Hybrid Hip Joint Miniature Climbing Robot
S. P. Krosuri and M. A. Minor Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA
The subject of this paper is the design, control, and evaluation of a biped-climbing robot featuring a new hybrid hip joint. The hybrid hip provides both prismatic and revolute motion, discretely, to the robot, using a single actuator. This is intended to improve its adaptability in confined environments and its capability to maneuver over and around obstacles. Optimization of the hybrid hip joint relative to robot size, weight, and actuation limits is considered while maximizing range of motion. The mechanical structure of the robot is discussed, as well as forward and inverse kinematics for motion planning. Reachable robot workspace in both revolute and prismatic phases of the hybrid hip joint is analyzed. Different robot locomotion strides are developed and dynamic controller requirements are considered. Experimental evaluation of the robot walking and climbing on and between surfaces with different inclinations is conducted to evaluate performance and repeatability of the system.
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