Volume 25 Issue 5/6 - Publication Date: 1 May/June 2006
Special Issue on the Ninth International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, 2004
Crawling and Jumping by a Deformable Robot
Y. Sugiyama and S. Hirai Department of Robotics. Ritsumeikan University, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577, Japan
We describe crawling and jumping by a soft robot. Locomotion over rough terrain has been achieved mainly by rigid body systems including crawlers and leg mechanisms. This paper presents an alternative method, one that employs deformation.
First, we describe the principle of crawling and jumping as performed through deformation of a robot body. Second, in a physical simulation, we investigate the feasibility of the approach. Next, we show experimentally that a prototype of a circular soft robot can crawl and jump. Finally, we describe crawling and jumping performed by a spherical deformable robot.
Multimedia Key
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Example 1: Simulation of circular soft robot jumping at bending elasticity kbend = 0.0105 Nm/rad. (1.2 MB)
Example 2: Simulation of circular soft robot jumping at bending elasticity kbend = 0.0107 Nm/rad. (0.7 MB)
Example 3: A circular soft robot crawling on a flat ground. (2.2 MB)
Example 4: A circular soft robot climbing a 20° slope. (2.5 MB)
Example 5: A circular soft robot jumping. (6.0 MB)
Example 6: A spherical soft robot climbing a 10° slope. (7.9 MB)
Example 7: A spherical soft robot jumping. (7.5 MB)
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