Volume 25 Issue 9 - Publication Date: 1 September 2006
Special Issue on CLAWAR 2004
Control Strategy for the Robust Dynamic Walk of a Biped Robot
C. Sabourin Laboratoire Images, Signaux, et Systèmes Intelligents (LISSI EA / 3956), Université Paris-XII, IUT de Sénart, Avenue Pierre Point, 77127 Lieusaint, France, O. Bruneau Laboratoire Vision et Robotique, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Bourges, 10 Bd Lahitolle 18020 BOURGES, France and G. Buche Laboratoire d’Automatique de Grenoble, INPG-ENSIEG, BP 46 38402 Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France
This paper presents the main simulation and experimental results from studies of the robustness of a proposed new control strategy for the under-actuated robot RABBIT. The disturbances studied include modifications of the characteristics of the foot/ground interaction and the application of external forces to the trunk of the robot. These two kinds of disturbance correspond to those most frequently encountered by biped robots during walking in an unknown environment.
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Example 1: Dynamic walking (0.8m/s). (4.5 MB)
Example 2: Perturbation force: pushed forward. (2.7 MB)
Example 3: Perturbation force: pushed backward. (1.2 MB)
Example 4: Continuous perturbation force. (2.9 MB)
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