Volume 25 Issue 11 - Publication Date: 1 November 2006
Stability and Performance of Haptic Interfaces with Active/Passive Actuators—Theory and Experiments
J. An Department of Information and Control Engineering, Kwangwoon University, 447-1 Wolgye-Dong, Nowon-Gu, Seoul 139-701 Korea and D.-S. Kwon Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, ME3042 Yusong-Gu, Daejon, 305-701 Korea
This paper addresses both theoretical and experimental studies of the stability and performance of haptic interfaces containing active/passive actuators. Three different realizations of haptic interfaces are introduced to investigate their stability and performance: an active system equipped with a motor; a passive system equipped with a brake; and a hybrid system equipped with both brake and motor. The first objective is to demonstrate that a hybrid system is superior in its stability and performance to an active system via passivity theorem and Z-width. The second objective of this paper is to show that the conditions for the asymptotic stability of haptic interfaces during the static friction display are investigated via the absolute stability theory. Theoretical and experimental results are compared. An alternative haptic interface is proposed that provides its highly stable haptic interaction with high performance.
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