Volume 26 Issue 9 - Publication Date: 1 September 2007
- Multimedia Included
Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Moving Object Tracking 889
C.-C. Wang, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia National Taiwan University Taipei 106, Taiwan C. Thorpe, Qatar Campus Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15289, USA S. Thrun, The AI group Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305, USA M. Hebert, The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USAand H. Durrant-Whyte The ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems The University of Sydney NSW 2006, Australia Abstract
Randomized Algorithms for Minimum Distance Localization 917
M. Rao, G. Dudek, and S. Whitesides Department of Computer Science McGill University, Montréal Canada H3A 2A7 Abstract
Cooperative Observation of Multiple Moving Targets: an algorithm and its formalization 935
A. Kolling and S. Carpin School of Engineering University of California 5200 North Lake Rd Merced,CA, 95344 – USA Abstract
Path Manifold-based Kinematic Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots Considering Physical Constraints 955
Y. Kim and M. A. Minor Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA Abstract
Stability and Performance Analysis of Centralized and Distributed Multi-rate Control Architectures for Multi-user Haptic Interaction 977
M. Fotoohi, Quanser Consulting Inc., 80 ESNA Park Drive, Markham, Ontario L3R-2R6, Canada, S. Sirouspour, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ontario L8S-4K1, Canada and D. Capson Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ontario L8S-4K1, Canada, Abstract
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