Volume 27 Issue 8 - Publication Date: 1 August 2008
Optimal Force Generation in Parallel Manipulators for Passing through the Singular Positions
S. Briot and V. Arakelian Département de Génie Mécanique et Automatique – L.G.C.G.M. EA3913, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (I.N.S.A.), 20 avenue des Buttes de Coësmes – CS 14315, F-35043 Rennes, France
It is known that a parallel manipulator at a singular configuration can gain one or more degrees of freedom and become uncontrollable, that is, it might not reproduce a stable motion along a prescribed trajectory. However, it is proved experimentally that there is possible passing through the singular zones. This was simulated and shown through numerical examples and illustrated on several parallel structures. In this paper, we determine the optimal dynamic conditions generating a stable motion inside the singular zones. The obtained results show that the general condition for passing through a singularity can be defined as follows: the end-effector of the parallel manipulator can pass through the singular positions without perturbation of motion if the wrench applied on the end-effector by the legs and external efforts of the manipulator are orthogonal to the twist along the direction of the uncontrollable motion. This condition is obtained from the inverse dynamics and analytically demonstrated by the study of the Lagrangian of a general parallel manipulator. Numerical simulations are carried out using the software ADAMS and validated through experimental tests.
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