Guidelines for Multimedia Submission


Instructions for authors on referencing multi-media content in their paper

Multimedia objects that supplements an IJRR paper are referred to collectively as Extensions. Since they are not actually present in the paper or electronic form, a method of clearly and consistently referring to the material is required.


Referring to Extensions in the body of the article

Within the text we use the term Extension in a similar way to the terms Figure or Table. Like Figures and Tables, the Extensions have ascending integer labels starting at 1. Some examples of usage:

the results, see Figure 4 (Extension 1), clearly show that...

the results, see Extension 1, clearly show that...

In the case where there is a one-to-one relationship between Extension and Table or Figure then the caption of that Table or Figure may be:

... results from the experiment (see also Extension 3).

There is no need for a one-to-one relationship between Figure or Table number and Extension number.

For the electronic version of IJRR these Extension references will hyperlink directly to the online material.


The Extension index appendix

Each multimedia paper will have its first appendix titled "Index to multimedia Extensions" and then the words:

The multimedia extensions to this article can be found online by following the hyperlinks from

This is then followed by the index table which has 3 columns titled:



The Extension number, natural numbers in ascending order.


Media type

The type of media used for this extension, can be one of:

• Image

• Video

• Audio

• Data

• Code



One or two lines of succinct descriptive material.

For the electronic version of IJRR these index entries will hyperlink directly to the online material.

The Appendix title will hyperlink to an online version of the Extension index.


Appendix A: Index to Multimedia Extensions


The multimedia extensions to this article are at:

Extension       Type              Description
    1              Video             ???????????
    2              Code                    ?
    3              Data                     ?


MM Video GuideLines


IJRR Demo Video


Web-page annotations

In general the Extension link will point directly to the multimedia object but in some cases it may be appropriate to augment the online multimedia material with text or HTML, which in turn points to the multimedia object. For example:

some notes that describe in detail what is to be seen in a video, eg. at time 0:15.20 we see that...

for an extension which is a collection of images it might be appropriate to present a page of thumbnails, each of which links to the full resolution image. The thumbnail page may have brief explanatory notes as well as credits.

some explanation of the format of a data file, eg. column 1 contains... some explanation of the function/structure of code


Submission Guidelines

Multimedia content will be published as an ''appendix'' to the print content of the article. For readers with access to an electronic version of the article references to the multimedia content will take the form of hyper-links to facilitate access. The production details associated with inserting these links will be handled by the publisher -- authors need only cite the multimedia appendix as they would cite any other appendix.

To facilitate review and publication of articles, authors are asked to electronically submit a single file (either as a compressed tar or ZIP file) containing both the electronic version of the paper (in Post-Script or PDF format) along with the collection of files that form the multimedia content.

Include a file named \texttt{captions.txt} which describes the included files in a format suitable for publication as captions for the multimedia content. The \texttt{caption.txt} file will be used to produce an HTML document that references the associated multimedia content. The archive should use a minimum number of subdirectories to organize the included material, ideally having no more than one level of subdirectories. Authors should contact the managing editor (Jennet Batten for instructions on electronic submission of their ZIP or compressed tar documents.


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