Journal Submission Guidelines
Submissions to The International Journal of Robotics Research should be made to:
You will need to click "Create Account" to obtain a user ID and a password. Then follow the online instructions to submit your manuscript and upload a PDF of your paper and multimedia, if you are submitting some - see below.
As part of the submission process we request reviewer suggestions from authors:
Please suggest 3 pertinent reviewers, who you feel are the most knowledgeable on your topic and who will provide the best review. We expect for the most part that they will be taken from your list of references, and do not represent a conflict of interest. We may or may not use one or more reviewers from this list. If you recommend reviewers that are not in your reference list then please say why.
This request is to be taken seriously, since a poorly chosen set of reviewers will be taken as evidence of a lack of knowledge of the field and the paper will be returned.
Papers are subjected to an initial screening by Professor John Hollerbach, Editor, in consultation with the Editorial Board, to ensure that the content and scope are suitable. Papers that pass this screening are sent out for review by a minimum of 2 reviewers, and a decision is sought in 3 months or less.

At present the publisher does not supply style files. Manuscripts prepared using TEX or MS Word are encouraged. Framemaker files are not acceptable. There is no page limit. For the references please use authors in the text (not numbers) and list them alphabetically in the reference list.


Multimedia content:
The Journal also publishes Multimedia as video, code and data. Do you have such material that
could be published with your paper? For further details please visit:
and click on 'Multimedia guidelines' for submission details and examples.


Please note that should your paper be accepted for publication the Journal is printed in black only. If you wish to have your images reproduced in colour we can supply a costing. NB Colour is retained for the online version of the Journal.

If you have any queries relating to the submission of manuscripts email Jennet Batten, Managing Editor at:
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