Volume 27 Issue 1 - Publication Date: January 2008

Formation Control and Collision Avoidance for Multi-agent Non-holonomic Systems: Theory and Experiments

Silvia Mastellone, Dušan M. Stipanović, Christopher R. Graunke, Koji A. Intlekofer and Mark W. Spong

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2008 27: 107–126

Downloadable Files

Summary of experiment 1 showing a robot tracking a circular trajectory while avoiding collision with an obstacle that is placed in its path. The obstacle is placed at different points of the path and each time the robot follows a different alternative trajectory in order to avoid collision and minimize the deviation from its original trajectory - Formation_Tracking.mpeg (19.6mb)
Illustration of experiment 2 showing two robots moving on their path and avoiding collision with each other in a cooperative fashion - Stationary_Object_Avoidance.mpeg (13.3mb)
Illustration of the third experiment showing three robots following a circular trajectory and dynamically changing their formation from a line to a “V” shape - Moving_Object_Avoidance2.mpeg (7.4mb)

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