Volume 27 Issue 3-4 - Publication Date: March 2008

Distributed Self-Reconfiguration of M-TRAN III Modular Robotic System

Haruhisa Kurokawa, Kohji Tomita, Akiya Kamimura, Shigeru Kokaji, Takashi Hasuo and Satoshi Murata

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2008 27: 373–386

Downloadable Files

Self-reconfiguration experiment using 10 modules controlled by a single master - 1.wmv (2.3mb)
Self-reconfiguration experiment by a single master control. A linear structure made of 8 modules climbed a step. The step was not detected by sensors and the whole motion control was open-loop with predefined trajectory - 2.wmv (2.5mb)
A linear structure made of 16 modules moved forward. All the modules have the same program and worked in parallel as masters or slaves - 3.wmv (1.3mb)
A mesh structure made of 24 (and 20) modules moved forward conducted by multi-master modules. Surface connections were changed more than 300 times during a 15-min experiment - 4.wmv (1.8mb)

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