Volume 27 Issue 3-4 - Publication Date: March 2008

Learning to Move in Modular Robots using Central Pattern Generators and Online Optimization

Alexander Sproewitz, Rico Moeckel, Jérôme Maye and Auke Jan Ijspeert

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2008 27: 423–443

Downloadable Files

Snake configuration, random gait - snake_bg.avi (2.3mb)
Snake configuration, efficient gait - snake_gg.avi (2.5mb)
Tripod configuration, random gait - tripod_bg.avi (1.3mb)
Tripod configuration, efficient gait - tripod_bg.avi (1.8mb)
Quadruped configuration, random gait - quadruped_bg.avi (1.8mb)
Quadruped configuration, efficient gait - quadruped_gg.avi (1.8mb)

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