Volume 27 Issue 7 - Publication Date: July 2008

Incremental Learning, Clustering and Hierarchy Formation of Whole Body Motion Patterns using Adaptive Hidden Markov Chains

Dana Kulić, Wataru Takano and Yoshihiko Nakamura

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2008 27: 761–784

Downloadable Files

Video of animations of sample motions from the database and motions generated by the sequentially trained FHMM models - Extension1.wmv (21.8mb)
Zip file containing the test data used in the experiments. Authors: Hiroaki Tanie, Koji Tatani and Yoshihiko Nakaniura. Please see the file readme.txt in the zip file for a description of the file contents and format - ijr_091153_motion_data.zip (1mb)

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