Volume 27 Issue 6 - Publication Date: June 2008

Operational Space Control: A Theoretical and Empirical Comparison

Jun Nakanishi, Rick Cory, Michael Mistry, Jan Peters and Stefan Schaal

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2008 27: 737–757

Downloadable Files

Experiment (1) (“figure 8” movement at slow speed) with the controller 5 - extension1.mp4 (2.2mb)
Experiment (2) (“figure 8” movement at fast speed) with the controller 5 - extension2.mp4 (2.6mb)
Experiment (4) (star-like pattern at fast speed with high task space gain) with the controller 5 - extension3.mp4 (2.2mb)
Experiment (7) (“figure 8” movement with orientation control at slow speed) with the controller 5. A cup containing water is placed on the end-effector to demonstrate the effectiveness of orientation control - extension4.mp4 (4.9mb)
Manually applying perturbations to the robot during the motion to show the level of compliance and robustness of the control using the controller 5 - extension5.mp4 (4.0mb)

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