Volume 28 Issue 6 - Publication Date: June 2009

Dynamic Rolling for a Modular Loop Robot

Jimmy Sastra, Sachin Chitta and Mark Yim

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2009 28: 758-773

Downloadable Files

Movie 1 shows three modes of rolling: (1) kinematic rolling; (2) failed kinematic rolling; (3) dynamic rolling - 2008_DynamicRolling_Movie1.mpg (11.9mb)
Movie 2 shows dynamic rolling under user teleoperated control moving forward and backward - 2008_DynamicRolling_Movie2.mpg (9.22mb)
Movie 3 shows dynamic rolling gaits with four different sizes: eight modules, 10 modules, 12 modules and 14 modules as well as dynamic rolling up and down a 5° incline - 2008_DynamicRolling_Movie3.wmv (3.88mb)

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