Volume 28 Issue 4 - Publication Date: April 2009

Algorithms and Software for Nanomanipulation with Atomic Force Microscopes

A.A.G. Requicha, D.J. Arbuckle, B. Mokaberi, and J. Yun

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2009 28: 512-522.

Downloadable Files

Interactive pushing with PCS - Ext1.avi (873 kb)
Drift in a small window without compensation - Ext2.mpg (92 kb)
Drift-compensated image of small window - Ext3.mpg (237 kb)
Back and forth single-line scans without creep and hysteresis compensation - Ext4.wmv (451 kb)
Creep and hysteresis compensated single-line scans - Ext5.wmv (561 kb)
Automatic construction of a triangular nanostructure - Ext6.avi (17.8 MB)

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