Volume 28 Issue 9 - Publication Date: September 2009

MRI-based Medical Nanorobotic Platform for the Control of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Flagellated Bacteria for Target Interventions in Human Capillaries

Sylvain Martel, Ouajdi Felfoul, Jean-Baptiste Mathieu, Arnaud Chanu, Samer Tamaz, Mahmood Mohammadi, Martin Mankiewicz and Nasr Tabatabaei

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2009 28: 1169–1182

Downloadable Files

Tracking usingMRI of a 1.5 mm bead
in the artery of a living swine being
displayed without the use of MS-SET - Extension1.avi (10.4 mb)
Directional control by computer of
a swarm of MC-1 bacteria in a microchannel - Extension2.avi (36.4 mb)

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