Volume 28 Issue 11-12 - Publication Date: November/December 2009

Requirements for Safe Robots: Measurements, Analysis and New Insights

Sami Haddadin, Alin Albu-Schäffer and Gerd Hirzinger

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2009 28: 1507–1527

Downloadable Files

Crash test experiments with the LWRIII at the German Automobile Club ADAC - MM_extension1_v2_DivX.avi (13.6 mb)
Human self experiments with the LWRIII - MM_extension2_v2_DivX.avi (5.79 mb)
Crash test experiments with industrial robots - MM_extension3_v2_DivX.avi (22.3 mb)
Simulation of a constrained impact close to a singularity - MM_extension4_v2_DivX.avi (1.03 mb)
Soft-tissue experiments with the LWRIII - MM_extension5_v2_DivX.avi (10.5 mb)

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