Volume 29 Issue 1 - Publication Date: January 2010

The Epi.q-1 Hybrid Mobile Robot

G. Quaglia, D. Maffiodo, W. Franco, S. Appendino and R. Oderio

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2010 29: 81-91

Downloadable Files

Epi.q-1.1 during advancing operation - extension1.avi (654 KB)
Locomotion unit simulation during advancing mode - extension2.avi (1.2 mb)
Epi.q-1.2 during advancing and automatic climbing operation - extension3.avi (773 kb)
Locomotion unit simulation during automatic climbing mode - extension4.avi (1 mb)
Epi.q-1.1 during opening and closing legs operation - extension5.avi (1.6 mb)
Locomotion unit simulation during opening and closing legs mode - extension6.avi (1.4 mb)
Epi.q-1.1 during rotating legs operation - extension7.avi (925 KB)
Epi.q-1.1 moving on uneven terrain - extension8.avi (7.6 mb)
Epi.q-1.2 moving on uneven terrain - extension9.avi (13 mb)

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